Founded in 2008 by experienced homebuilder and woodworking enthusiast Jud Dinsmore, the Southside Woodshop has quietly become a trusted name in custom-made wooden counter tops and butcher blocks.  Each project they undertake is built with premium woods and fabricated by skilled professionals. 

Since their work is all done to their customer’s exact specifications, the countertops, butcher blocks and bar tops that roll out of their new 6000-square-foot facility are as unique as the people that order them. Southside Woodshop’s products include a wide array of designs, edge treatments and construction styles, ensuring each customer receives the quality finished product they want.  The tops are fully crated to protect them and ship in approximately two weeks.

Southside Inlaid Island

At Southside Woodshop, the goal is to provide custom wood countertops that are not only beautiful, but durable enough to last through a lifetime of use. Because they believe strongly in what they do, all products are guaranteed for life.   

The company’s commitment to excellence extends through the entire ordering process.  Though they have grown through the years, they’re not too big to lose their focus on outstanding customer service. Owner Jud Dinsmore still answers each call personally, and is available to assist with follow-up and installation questions.

With hundreds of satisfied customers across the country, Southside Woodshop owes its success to its passion for the beauty of natural wood and its dedication to quality craftsmanship.

Velocity Rep Group is pleased to partner with Southside Woodshop to bring bespoke custom wood countertops to Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.